SOMEBODY ELSE'S HOME Jill Lindström · 30 May to 11 July 2014

"Visiting someone else's home can be a way into questioning that which one has previously taken for granted. When I was a child I noticed that our neighbors had put their TV on the opposite wall from where we had placed it and turned their sofa in a different direction. This made me very confused. However it also opened me to the idea that even that which I could not imagine could be a possibility."

INFEKTORY GALLERY is proud to present the first UK exhibition of renowned Swedish artist Jill Lindström.

Jill works with sculpture and installation in a variety of different media, often using the idea of displacement as a starting point. Recent exhibitions include Väsby Art Hall, Upplands Väsby (2013), Matchmuseum, Jönköping (2013), Konstepidemin Gallery, Gothenburg (2011), all in Sweden.

Jill is a lecturer at the Valand Art Academy in Gothenburg and lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden. Her current project is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.