TRANSMOGRIFICATION Group Show · 6 December 2013 to 15 February 2014

TRANSMOGRIFICATION is the first group show at the newly opened INFEKTORY GALLERY, in London's Covent Garden area.

Seven artists have been selected to present new work which in some way suggests transformation into something bizarre or possibly grotesque. Transmogrification is the fundamental process of art; an artist's natural métier is to take raw matter and transform its original condition. They may seek to impart meaning, express some personal feeling, provide an illusory depth or ask us to look at the world through fresh eyes but ultimately they will have performed that most sacred endeavour: the act of creation.

The selected works range from insinuations of alternative consciousnesses to the imposition of pattern and form on base materials. The artists are; Laura Dekker (London), Cameron Galt (Walsall), Jonathan Goslan (Glasgow), Niels Jensen (Mallorca), Jimmy King (New York), Theresia Lynch (Glasgow), Ana Oak Malofy-Medwed (London).